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YORK PA 17408



Mon-Sat  7am-3pm


Fresh Roasted Coffee


Breakfast & Lunch All Day



Truly Great Coffee

Are freshly roasted coffee beans better?

If you want the best taste, always buy fresh coffee beans. 

Fresh coffee beans are the first and most important ingredient when it comes to brewing great tasting coffee

Why are fresh coffee beans better?

That delicious taste and aroma is in the coffee oils. ... Grinding hastens the process of going stale.

Even vacuum-packed ground coffee lacks the freshness that you will obtain when you grind the beans yourself.

Meet US

The family behind Joe StrEAT.

Chef Joe, and his “girls” brings his experience of 15 years to Joe StrEAT. Here you will find good eats, honest relationships, and authenticity in a

refreshing space.
Our local café features specialty coffee, fresh roasted on site

and a creative healthy bite to eat.


Real People.
Real Ingredients. 
Real Food.

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